• Enhance Your Quality of Life through Self-Empowerment and Self-Discovery.

    My mission is to help you define your goals, develop strategies to increase your capacity, and achieve your envisioned future.

Life Coach Consultant

Live Your Best Life

Coaching is a professional relationship that helps people break through their limitations to achieve extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses, or organizations. Our approach encourages clients to deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life through self-discovery and self-empowerment. In each meeting, you choose the focus of conversation, while your coach listens and contributes with observations and questions. This client-lead process creates clarity that can be moved into action.

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About Steph

  • What do I do?

    I am a Certified Master Coach Practitioner, Personal Counsellor, and Female Empowerment Specialist, offering you the solutions to get you on the path to making the meaningful changes you are seeking to achieve the phenomenal life you truly deserve. I am honoured to support my clients in achieving their dreams and realizing their full potential.

  • My career experience

    I have over 15 years of professional experience working in the social services field, as a Rehabilitation & Supportive Counsellor, and Program Coordinator. I also have valuable experiences in mental health, addictions, personal empowerment, proactive communication, and positive work-life balance.

  • My life outside of work

    I’m a busy Mom of three amazing children, and celebrate the joy of having an incredible partner to share my life with. I have mastered the art of creating balance in life, through being organized, managing priorities, maintaining my health & fitness, and last but certainly NOT least…having fun!

  • My vision

    Being a lifelong learner is an important aspect of achieving our goals and creating the life we desire. Embracing opportunities to challenge ourselves and break through our fear is a key factor in moving toward the life we deserve.

    I am here to support you to develop your goals and help keep you accountable along your journey. You will value the expertise and authenticity I offer, through direct & clear communication, and as we celebrate your successes!

    Thank you for your courage and motivation – let’s start building your new path to being you, phenomenally!

Life Coaching is the solution you have been looking for.

  • Although life coaching is clearly therapeutic in that its aim is to enhance your performance or life experience, there are significant differences between this and psycho-therapy.

  • Coaching is short term (generally between 3-12 months) and is solution-based. Coaching therapy understands that you are able and functional, and focuses primarily on the present and future, and not so much on your past.

  • Coaching is a results-orientated, a systematic process where your coach facilitates performance enhancement and life skills development, rather than treating dysfunction.

  • This difference means that your coach can be far more vigorous and challenging (albeit in a client-friendly manner) and can hold you responsible for your commitment to change to a greater degree.

  • The role of a counsellor is to help an individual resolve issues of the past in order to operate more effectively in the present. A coach, on the other hand, helps us assess the present so that we can operate more effectively in the future.

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My coaching programs are offered via phone or virtual video meetings, and also in-person can be made available for those living in South East Manitoba or Winnipeg. Please contact Steph to explore what might work best for you!


Individual 1-1 Coaching Sessions

  • Intense emPOWER Program (1 month)

    + MORE...

    One month intensive coaching program includes weekly coaching sessions, plus accelerated empowerment and accountability support between sessions to keep you on track to ignite your plan and achieve your goals! This program is designed for individuals who are READY to make significant changes in their life with a specific target, and with time being of the essence! Buckle up and let’s get started!

  • Bronze: See The Light Program (3 months)

    + MORE...

    Three month coaching program includes an initial assessment session to determine your path and priorities, and then two coaching sessions per month for three consecutive months. This program is designed for individuals who are open to exploring the possibilities and are willing to make meaningful changes in their lives. Learn more about your capacity, strengths, and areas of opportunity and break through what has been holding you back, until now!

  • Silver: Embrace The Light Program (6 months)

    + MORE...

    Six month coaching program includes an initial assessment session to determine your path and priorities, and then two coaching sessions per month for six consecutive months. This program is designed for individuals who are self-aware and are motivated to dedicate their time and efforts to the coaching process in order to achieve their dreams and live their best life. You will dig deeper into building your capacity, and developing your skills to be an effective communicator, all with support through a custom individualized program. The focus of what you want to enhance in your life will determine your path, and consistency is key to maintaining your results and forming new habits that align with your goals. Give yourself the gift of time with Steph as your professional cheerleader to keep you on track with positive and empowering accountability!

  • Gold: Be The Light Program (12 months)

    + MORE...

    This is the ELITE PHENOMENAL LIFE 12 month coaching program! Includes an initial assessment session to determine your path and priorities, and then two coaching sessions per month for twelve consecutive months. This program is designed for individuals who are COMMITTED to creating meaningful and lasting change in order to refocus priorities and live your best life! You will develop and enhance your emotional intelligence, which is key to lasting results and incredibly positive IMPACT in your life. This is the year of your life to dedicated YOUR personal and professional growth, creating that pivotal moment to move forward with intention and go beyond anything you ever imagined. It’s your time to shine!


Group Coaching

Group coaching is a powerful option for clients that share the same goals, have complementary goals or are in the...

same industry, company, team, friend group or family.

+ MORE...

Corporate Team Building & Staff Wellness Events

Positive work-life balance is an integral aspect of effective teams, solid leadership, the employee life cycle, and job satisfaction rates....

Learn more about individualized needs assessments in order to determine strengths and opportunities for growth and enhancement within your team, and a customized plan to implement, along with empowering professional development training facilitated by Steph.

+ MORE...

Conference & Public Speaking Events

Looking for a dynamic speaker to bring positivity and an empowering inspirational message to participants at your event?

/> Look no further! Steph brings not only a wealth of professional knowledge and experience, but also a flair for engaging audiences through interactive storytelling, unmatched enthusiasm, grace, and passion. Learn more about opportunities to include Phenomenally You Life Coaching at your event to create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

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Customize a Plan

Don’t see a program here that perfectly suits your needs and what YOU are looking for? Connect with Steph and explore a CUSTOMIZED coaching program that will help you Live Your Best Life, phenomenally!


Flourishing Life Coaching Program

Steph is also one of the exclusive coaches with the Flourishing Life Coaching Program.

A heightened state of thriving, positive well-being, and high performance identified by a growth aptitude, resilience, strength-based competencies, and sense of purpose.”

Imagine a life or business that flourishes…
Experience an empowered and strengths-based mindset that flourishes…
Visualize yourself with relationships and being part of a community that flourish…
See yourself as an entrepreneur or leader that flourishes…
Imagine a tribe that empowers you to flourish, and provides the tools and support you need to thrive.
Step into a people-first community where you matter.

THAT is what you experience in the Flourishing Life Coaching Program™, and the Flourishing Business Coaching Program™. These programs will provide you with the framework, the community, and the support you need to truly flourish. Because YOU were born to FLOURISH!

Mark Twain said that the two most important days in your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why.  Many go through life disconnected from their purpose, not knowing what makes them come alive and thrive – in both life and business.  There’s never been a time when people need to come alive and dream again.

Why not YOU?

Why not NOW?

Link for more information: https://www.flourishinglifecoaching.com/



Steph is thrilled to support aspiring and experienced coaches, health professionals, educators and anyone seeking to learn how to see the strength in others and facilitate self discovery for growth with anyone, through facilitating the Certified Flourishing Coach Certification Program.

The Certified Flourishing Coach Model™ is evidence-based and practitioner focused, meaning that it is based on science and psychology.  “Evidence-based” describes an approach to medicine, education, and other disciplines that emphasizes the practical application of the findings of the best available current research.  Essentially, it means that a concept or practice is supported by a large amount of scientific research.

So, when we describe the Flourishing Coaching Model™ as evidence-based, we mean that we are taking the best available current research around people, change, and specifically how people flourish, and practically applying it with a coaching lens.

Link for more info and to register for an upcoming course in your area!

Certified Flourishing Coach | Flourish in every area of your life!


Flourishing Workplace

Steph is one of the exclusive facilitators offering the Flourishing Workplace Model to businesses and organizations looking to make lasting and meaningful change in their workplace to help their employees and business thrive.

What sets the Flourishing Workplace approach apart from what else is out there?

When thinking about what creates a culture where people can flourish in life and work, we offer a multi-faceted opportunity to actually make this come alive with you!

The Flourishing Workplace framework involves 7 pillars that collectively lead to a positive workplace, a productive workplace, and a profitable workplace. Does this energize you? This really excites me!


Link to learn more:  https://www.flourishingworkplace.com/


  • "

    These workshops are amazing! For the first time in my 20 years of teaching, I feel like I matter! I actually look forward to our professional development days now. Thank you for truly seeing us Steph.



  • "

    Steph is wonderful – love her personality and passion! The workshop was raw, real, and motivating!



  • "

    Steph is very engaging and good at capturing and keeping attention, wonderfully mindful and empathetic while still being able to push for deep discussions.


    Sara V.

  • "

    Steph is amazing. The workshop hit deep for me.


    Jaz M.

  • "

    The workshop was phenomenal. Really opened up my vulnerable side, which has been closed for years.



  • "

    The workshop was great. The day flew by and the connection within our team is even stronger. The most inspiring aspect is the willingness of Steph to have the hard conversations.


    Karla W.

  • "

    Thank you so much for teaching us; we learned a lot from you. Your presentation was engaging and lively, making the complex concepts of leadership both accessible and interesting. We truly appreciate the effort you put into keeping us all involved and attentive throughout your seminar. Your ability to connect with the audience and convey the material is commendable. I look forward to applying what we’ve learned in our leadership seminar.


    Armi A.

  • "

    Stephanie facilitated a workshop on Confidence Building with the Mothers to Daughters (M2D) community designed for younger/less experienced women (Daughters), and it was a phenomenal and invigorating experience!! Stephanie turned Daughters into raving fans, all thanks to her dedication to communicating notions in a powerful, practical, and sticky way! Her energy, delivery, thought-provoking questions, and nuggets of wisdom kept us all engaged and in awe. As a result, the Daughters left committed to working on improving their confidence skills and have asked to have her return as a Speaker. I look forward to working with Stephanie again!


    Francine Mbvoumbo, MBA

  • "

    Coach Steph, there are not enough words in the American language that would encompass the words of expression and adoration that I have for your Phenomenal ability to transform women from where they are to where they want to be. You’ve been on my path with me for ONE YEAR and I am definitely not the same Andrea I was when we started. Thank you so much for coming alongside me and coaching me to SOAR for success with the personal development goals that I was hungry for.


    Andrea H.V.

  • "

    Steph has been the stream in my forest. She has brought so much energy.  As a friend she is everything and more, that comes so naturally, that one could seek with such great balance. I look up to her like a big sister and I hope she knows how much she is valued. As a professional she is outstanding! Her vibe is refreshing and she truly listens and makes you feel validated. She works with you to find the best version of you. She knows when to encourage you to push your limits and when to stop for calmness! She empowers you and helps you see the value you have and how to use your superpowers!!!


    Rhonda F.

  • "

    “I would highly recommend Phenomenally You Life Coaching!! I had never thought of a Life Coach for myself until I met Stephanie. I was so impressed by her professional manner that it didn’t take me long to enroll in the four week “Intense emPOWER” Program! WOW! After each session (via zoom), I felt so empowered and encouraged to exceed my own dreams. Working through my very specific goals and ‘to do’ lists propelled me forward to achieve more than I could have ever imagined!  Needless to say, my dreams took flight!! Thank you Stephanie, I needed a good kick lol, actually a good kick start to help me in accomplishing and dreaming my best life!!”


    Doreen K.

  • "

    “I feel really good about the accomplishments I’ve made so far! I feel like the tools you’ve given me will help not only right now but in the long run, like you said, changing the path I’m on completely!”



  • "

    Stephanie Semotok, of “Phenomenally You Life Coaching” is a rare blend of passion for people, empathy and understanding, and empowerment to help people and organizations reach their goals. As a heart-centered and authentic Coach, Stephanie supports her clients in transition and transformation and has the skills and tools to support them as they navigate their journey. Pulling upon many years in social and human services, Stephanie listens deeply and responds with intelligent and real-world solutions in order to define and set goals, along with strategic steps in order to reach them. I full-heartedly recommend Stephanie as a coach, workshop facilitator, speaker, and fellow sojourner on this journey of life we are all walking together.


    Abe Brown, MBA, M.R.Ed/C

    CEO, Flourishing Life Coaching Program and Wellness Innovate

  • "

    I would like to share my experience with life coaching under the guidance of Stephanie Semotok. It all started when I came across her ad on Instagram; the timing was perfect! I was looking for help to put my professional life back on track – to once again rekindle the passion I had lost in my career, and possibly help me make personal positive changes as well. We all know that if you are not in a good place at work, it’s really hard to be in a good place at home. That being said, I started meeting with Steph.
    She explained what was involved in the process; that she is there to guide me along in my journey but I have to do the work if I want to see some changes or meet any type of success. Being naturally disciplined, we had a deal! My journey started with defining the type of learner I was so Steph could prescribe the right strategies for me. My homework began with some meditations and self-reflections (personal message I would read to myself) twice a day. My brain (thought process) needed to be “reprogrammed” in order to apply the changes I was after. Through our meetings, discussions, feedback, and being honest and truthful with myself, the pieces of the puzzle just fell into place. My capacity to self-evaluate was also an asset.
    As I progressed, coach Steph continued to support me with constructive advice and ideas, readings, feedback and most importantly with friendship. With her self-care techniques, she helped me put the finger on what was really wrong and gave me the tools to fix it. I can proudly say that my journey with life coaching has been successful – I found, once again, my passion for teaching, and am more aware of how to approach the next & last 10 years of my career as I gain more tools for my toolbox. Thanks coach Steph! I will be forever grateful!
    NB: One thing I appreciated about life coaching is that I was able to meet with Steph as often as I wanted/needed, and my progress was going as fast as I was investing time in my homework. So technically, if you are very determined, you can quickly see changes just like I did. I also suggest to continue with life coaching as needed for maintenance purposes even if you have reached your goals. It’s always good to do a quick check to make sure you are still on track.


    Martyne L

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Code of Ethics

Professional coaches are held to a high standard. This is guided by a strict code of ethics that ensures coaches are conducting themselves with integrity both at large and with their clients while avoiding conflicts of interest. The pledge of ethics is something we as certified coaches take very seriously to maintain a high level of service to our clients. For more details visit the CCF website here.

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