The Power of the Pause

Take time to process

Have you ever reacted to a situation in a way that didn’t reflect who you are in a positive way? Look, we’ve all been there. The key is to be aware of the types of situations that may trigger this type of response for you, and prepare yourself with strategies so that you can respond in a way that allows you to stay true to yourself and maintain effective communication. This doesn’t need to be complicated! Simply, embrace the POWER of the PAUSE. In this fast-paced world, with instant responses, and “smart” everything…just stop.

When faced with a conversation that is causing you to experience emotions that may hinder your ability to respond effectively, use the power of the pause. It is okay to not provide an answer right away. It is okay to say, “I hear what you are saying and I would appreciate the opportunity to take some time to think more about it so that I can provide you with a thoughtful response.” It is okay to say, “I am not sure that I fully understand. I would like to take some time to think about this further, and gather more information prior to responding.”

Being prepared with responses to allow yourself time to process your feelings and emotions to ensure that your communication comes across in a meaningful way, will always work in your favour and reduce further stressful situations and miscommunications that lead to confusion and breakdown in relationships. It will demonstrate more respect for the person/people you are interacting with if you are intentional about what you put out there, and seek first to understand. Pause. Think. Be accountable for how you communicate in the moment, and be prepared to apologize for those moments when you may not have responded in a way that best reflects YOU!

We can be intentional with building our own capacity to communicate more effectively.

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The Power of the Pause

Have you ever reacted to a situation in a way that didn't reflect who you are in a positive way?