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Surviving or Thriving?

Try to find time to relax

We all have our own journey right now, some will take a straight steady path while managing well, while others will take many turns, ups and downs, and struggle, and many of us may experience aspects of both.

There are lots of great resources for mental health and coping, but have you looked within yourself for solutions? What are you grateful for? We are sent messages all the time, but are we listening? That’s what I’ve been focusing on and it has inspired me to embrace the wonderful moments.

Time to relax and enjoy my morning coffee with the love of my life, endless fun with our kids playing soccer, board games, movie nights, spa days at home, teaching life skills, trying new recipes, working out, finishing renovation projects, and just keeping it simple.

With such a busy life and always being on the go, so much pressure to get everything done, not enjoying precious moments as much as I wanted to because my mind was always 10 steps ahead with what had to be done next, I’ve been needing to slow down…I’m listening now. Thank you. This is just my experience, my journey, and is in no way meant to minimize what is going on for others, our country, and our world. Find a moment, just anything to ground yourself and listen

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