Kristin St. Hilaire

Kristin was nominated by her friend, Rayleen. She is a single mother to two adorable boys. Rayleen says she is the definition of bad ass b*tch. They both graduated from the same program, Health Information Management at Red River College and Kristin has grown leaps and bounds as a professional and woman over the last 14 years. She is now the Privacy Officer and Manager of Health Information Services at a hospital in Winnipeg. She has been through a super messy divorce after dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety that left her feeling damaged, then was in another failed relationship that tore her down to pieces mentally and emotionally… and she has now overcome all of this and is a strong independent go-getter. She is also absolutely gorgeous with like a 60’s retro-vibe to her. She is what so many aspire to be, a career woman AND a single mom boss b*tch.

She is the oldest of 4 children, and would have been described as quiet/shy, unathletic, and nerdy growing up.  She was raised by her mother who always made sure she understood that she needed to get a good education and be able to take care of herself so that she never felt “stuck” in life. There have been so many times in the last 4 years since becoming a single parent herself that she has said a silent thank-you to her mom for instilling in her this drive to be strong, independent, and happiness-oriented. To get through the tough times Kristin puts her focus on her physical health which in turn did wonders for her confidence and mental health. Eventually fitness became a part of her daily routine and is the “me-time” that she most looks forward to. She envisions the healthiest, strongest and most fierce version of herself while exercising, about to speak in public or present to a crowd, step into a big interview, trying something new…you name it. It’s amazing that what you visualize can manifest in reality, as long as you don’t let someone else’s opinion or “plans” for you hold you back. It’s the greatest honour, and thrills her heart, to know that the women in her life that encourage and lift her up are in turn inspired by her.

Words of wisdom and empowerment from Kristin:

I asked Kristin what she feels has been the most valuable lesson she has learned in 2020, and this is what she had to share.

“The most valuable lesson I learned in 2020 was to disconnect more from the news and social media in order to better hear my own thoughts, feelings and follow my inner compass. We compare ourselves too much and get too caught up in what or how we are “supposed” to be and that can make us unhappy. I try to live a simple life in order to connect with what’s really important, and what this year has forced me to do is let some things go and make do with what I have. And truly I am happier for it.”

I asked Kristin to share her message of strength and empowerment for other women to start 2021 with a positive mindset, and this is her inspiring response.

“My message of strength and empowerment for women going into 2021 is to do the things that make you uncomfortable and lean into new experiences, even if there is a element of fear (change or the unknown). You WILL surprise yourself and you will grow from it – whatever the goal is. My goal this year is to lessen my impact on the environment – I have much to learn and many adjustments to make but I’m ready to clean up my family’s lifestyle and teach my sons along the way.”

WOW! What an incredible honour to connect with Kristin and learn more about what makes her phenomenal. It is even more of an honour to be able to share her story with you. Thank you for reading Kristin’s story, and let’s keep supporting and empowering each other as we continue our journey to live our best life!