Kristy Scott

Kristy is an incredible woman, kick-ass single mother, and Human Resources Coordinator at a disability support organization. Beyond achieving her Disability and Community Support Diploma and almost 20 years of experiencing supporting people of different abilities in a supervisory and coordinator role in residential services, a few years ago she decided to embark on a slight change of focus in her career. Her greatest strength has been through mentoring employees to provide quality support to people to live their fullest and most meaningful life. She achieves this by truly treating each employee with respect, and valuing them for who they are and what they have to offer to the world. Kristy has high standards and supports employees to develop their skills in a safe and comfortable environment, and takes the time to listen to them and make changes according to what will be best for everyone. As a single mother working full time, she completed her Human Resources Management Certificate Program at Red River College and graduated with honours this year. She has found her true calling, and even through such a challenging year with the COVID-19 pandemic, she went above and beyond to find fun and thoughtful ways to engage employees and her staff teams. This included dropping off surprise gifts to staff, decorating the office and dressing up in fun themes on the scheduled days that employees would be coming to the office to pick up supplies, etc. Kristy works so hard and is dedicated to making everyone feel appreciated and happy in their jobs. Let’s hear what some of the employees and her colleagues have to say about her…

“I love your passion and positive vibes.”

“You have such a loveable personality.”

“You make this a fun place to work.”

“You are awesome, kind, sweet, and so productive.”

“You have turned this from an agency to a community.”

“It never ceases to amaze me your good human relations, respect, and accommodation with, for, and of all colours and background.”

“You light up a room. You make us belong. You see beyond our mistakes and carry us along. You make us believe that together we can become more than what we are…”

These sentiments sure confirm that Kristy is doing what she is meant to do in her career and has such beautiful gifts to share with the world!

Kristy has a wonderful and loving family, and a beautiful daughter. Things have not always been bright in Kristy’s world, and she has experienced challenges in her work, and unthinkable loss when she lost a love that changed her life. Her way of coping is to do for others before she cares for herself. In her darkest moments, she always seems to find a way to rise up again through doing something to help someone else. She will do anything for her family and friends, and loves fiercely and fully.

Words of wisdom and empowerment from Kristy:

I asked Kristy what she feels has been the most valuable lesson she has learned in 2020, and this is what she had to share.

“My most valuable lesson of 2020 has been that family and relationships are incredibly important and we should never take them for granted.  When 8 months go by and you’re not allowed to have large gatherings or even hug your mama – those moments become so precious.”

I asked Kristy to share her message of strength and empowerment for other women to start 2021 with a positive mindset, and this is her inspiring response.

“My advice to start 2021 with a positive mindset – you are in control of your destiny even when times are challenging and you feel powerless.  You still have a choice to wake up tomorrow and try again – adding laughter to your day doesn’t hurt either.” 😉

WOW! What an incredible honour to be able to share Kristy’s story with you. Take a page from Kristy’s book and take time to value others by truly listening to them and seeking first to understand. This can apply to all aspects of our lives and can go such a long way to ensuring effective communication and mutual respect. Thank you for reading Kristy’s story, and let’s keep supporting and empowering each other as we continue our journey to live our best life!