Laura Nault

Laura is an amazing woman who does not let other people define her! She is living with Cerebral Palsy (CP), and although is aware of what some of her limitations might be as a result of her diagnosis, she doesn’t let that determine her path in life and strives to take advantage of what she CAN do. She has such incredible dedication to get things done and achieve her goals when she puts her mind to something…the stubborn streak that has its advantages? Ha! Ha! Laura loves horses, and has been riding therapeutically for years, and most recently was actively engaging in Hippotherapy riding. This helps her to improve her core strength, strengthen and stretch her muscles and work against the tightening caused by her CP.  She also makes an effort to try new things and push herself to the next level – like being more independent in using her mobility scooter and walker to get in the community more often on her own, reaching her daily step goal, and has started to lift weights while at home during COVID-19. Laura also LOVES cats, and takes wonderful care of her adorable cat “Risky”.

One thing is for sure, Laura is a caring and devoted daughter, sister, auntie, and friend. She is always so appreciative for those in her life who are there to help her out, or enjoy a nice cup of coffee. A visit with Laura is always guaranteed to bring lots of laughter, sprinkled with a few well-placed F-bombs! All kidding aside, she should be admired for her direct communication. She will tell you how she feels, what she thinks, and what she needs. This is refreshing, because so many of us are always trying so hard to please everyone that we are not truly honest in how we communicate. With that, she is also ready to listen when others have things to share with her (even if reality sucks sometimes), and is good at reflecting on her life and actions, and will shift her focus if she feels that is in order.

This phenomenal woman has consistently shown that she can find the positive in a situation, and following an opportunity to discuss with a trusted confidant, she can focus on how to move forward, rather than dwelling on the past. She carves her own path, and if you don’t like it, well…you know where to go. *sprinkle F-bomb here*

Words of wisdom and empowerment from Laura:

I asked Laura what she feels has been the most valuable lesson she has learned in 2020, and this is what she had to share.

“Remember to breathe while riding this insane rollercoaster. Let the things I can’t control roll off my back. Be happy and content with who I am. It’s a very powerful thing to be comfortable in your own skin and enjoy my own company and the peacefulness that silence brings. Focus on the little blessings in my life,  because those are the biggest things that matter.”

I asked Laura to share her message of strength and empowerment for other women to start 2021 with a positive mindset, and this is her inspiring response.

“Find the one thing in life you want to improve on and make it happen. If you fall, (I do that a lot) get back up and keep trying. There’s always a little something good in what you think is a bad day. Even if you have toxic people in your life criticizing your every step. Ignore them and keep blazing a trail on the way to the better you. Always keep smiling!”

WOW! What an incredible honour to be able to share Laura’s story with you. Thank you for reading Laura’s story, and let’s keep supporting and empowering each other as we continue our journey to live our best life!