My Phenomenal Man

Yeah, that’s right who better to feature in my phenomenal showcase on Valentine’s Day than my one and only?!?!
Finding the right words to express just how significant this man is in my life is going to be hard. Here goes…
I’ll admit, I was one of those people who used to believe that true happiness in love wasn’t a real thing. That we just settle, just accept what is, just let things go and do our best to get through the day and be thankful for those few good moments. For me this came from years of being mistreated in relationships. Cheated on, lied to, taken for granted, emotionally and financially abused, inconsistent love that was shown seemingly for the benefit of the rest of the world and not me or for each other. Words without meaning, and actions that did not align. This led me to just be surviving, and that meant creating a practice of being “ultra independent”, just trying to do everything on my own. To a fault really. It’s a trauma response.
I’m a very strong person, and had left a very difficult relationship and started my life again very happily as a single mom to my two incredible boys. Life was good!
With having no intention of dating or meeting anyone, we met through our kids wanting to have a play date. Wow, I recall the little boxes ticking inside my head non-stop, thinking, “Is this guy for real???”
No matter how I tried, I couldn’t deny that there was something different about him and I had to shut up and give it a chance…
Oh he’s for real alright! We’ve now been together going on 5 years and stronger everyday. This man truly listens, and shares his heart and feelings. We communicate openly and with respect. We value our quirks and celebrate our gifts to share with the world, and laugh together every day. Our parenting front is solid, and consistent, and unwavering and that gives our kids the foundation they need to trust and be confident to achieve their dreams!
What is most significant is that he has been able to soften me. Chipped away at my ultra independence. Showing me, Every. Single. Day. That I can trust him, that true love does exist. That happiness is, and I mean actual happiness is possible. He says what he means and he means what he says. He shows up every day. He makes me a better person. He cheers me on and encourages me to keep moving forward in my life and in my business.
If not for him, I would never have been brave enough to embark on my coaching business and embrace new opportunities.
HE IS PHENOMENAL and he helps me to be phenomenal too.