It’s no surprise that it’s time to shine more light on Alpha Hair & Body in Steinbach, Manitoba. You will recall Naomi’s heartwarming story featured in the 2021 Showcase. Naomi had such a positive experience and says that the world needs more of this. Sometimes we think that the most grandiose gestures are needed in order to make a significant impact, when in fact it is most often the little things, like acknowledgement that calls people to rise up and shine as brightly as they ever have!

This showcase feature is unique because we will reflect and learn about what makes a phenomenal team. Think of a fav coworker, past or present – what qualities do they have that make you love working with them? Think of a team you worked with that had a dynamic that just “clicked” – what made you feel so empowered and appreciated when working with them?

When I asked Naomi to tell me more about her staff members, their unique skills and personalities, and what makes their team so efficient and united, she approached it in a way that already demonstrated her strong leadership, and this brings us closer to understanding what works so well at Alpha…she had everyone write down what kind of person each one was because she feels that sometimes others know us more than we know ourselves. It is also sometimes easier to share insights and compliments for others and to be in a trusting and safe place in order to accept those compliments ourselves.

Time to learn more and celebrate their gifts!!!

From top left corner of the photo:

ROSE – they all agreed – she is the sweetheart of the salon! Caring and full of compassion. She is the definition of a selfless person. They’ve seen a lot of clients open up and cry in her chair because of her welcoming and warm full of love heart that makes everyone feel safe.

DEBBIE – the mother bear of their salon! Very protective of the people around her. Has a heart for people, super generous and always there to help out in any way.

MAKAYLA – star of the show! Full of personality. Fun, energetic and loves to laugh. Strong and confident, this girl knows what she wants from life and goes after it full throttle!

TRISTA – our quiet one, this girl is sweet and gentle and genuine. She chooses the high road every time and shows dedication in every situation.

ANNICK – our goofy one that likes to make everyone laugh and smile. Takes great pride in her job and gives 100% to her clients! Patient, helpful and sees everyone as equals!

From bottom left of the photo:

JUSTICE – this girl’s bright eyes and smile can fill a room! She is uplifting and encouraging and has such a big and bright personality! She cares for everyone around her and it always positive.

ANITA – the calm one with such a gentle spirit. Totally non-judgmental, a great listener with a huge heart for people sometimes left behind.

NAOMI- natural leader in uplifting women to be confident and strong and wants to see you succeed. Loves her job and family and friends. Encouraging and empowering all while laughing and having fun!

This intentional activity turned out to be a great project to do together. It helped to remind them of their positive traits and what they value in each other. Naomi feels they have such a strong group right now because they have learned that working together and with each other gets them so much further in life and in business. Women really need to be there for each other. Men don’t understand us like we do each other. We are all focused on empowering, uplifting, and encouraging one another and building strong core values together. The outcome is that Alpha is not only a great place to work, but this positive environment offers a welcoming and inspiring experience for their clients. What they hear most from clients is that when they come in they feel like family and you’re always in for a good laugh here because it is what they all have in common and love to do!

WOW! What an incredible honour to be able to share the inspiring connection that the Alpha Hair & Body Team have. There is such uplifting hope that comes from intentionally appreciating each other. An amazing gift, and really makes a significant impact on how we can thrive in our lives and in business. Thank you for reading Alpha’s story and how each of these phenomenal women contribute to a workplace where everyone can shine brightly, making it not only a wonderful place to work, but a welcoming and inspiring salon offering high quality services and a stellar client experience. Let’s keep supporting and empowering each other as we continue our journey to live our best life!