The Story of Phenomenal

As the final story to share in the showcase this year, I wanted to take an opportunity to tell you more about me and how I came to start my own business as a Life Coach.
When considering the factors leading to my decision to start my own coaching business in October 2019, I am focused on the intentional path I have chosen to live my best life, both personally and professionally. We all have a story, and without needing to share too much detail about my life historically, my experiences have led me to strive for the opportunity to do what I know I am meant to do. Empower people to achieve their dreams.
Aside from my beautiful children, my work as a Counsellor has always been my greatest gift and accomplishment. The passion I have for helping others is what has kept me grounded, focused, and able to balance my life. I am known for my authentic enthusiasm when helping clients through some of life’s most difficult challenges and their most celebrated successes. My response is always the same…it is my honour to support my clients in the way that they feel I can be most helpful to them. I use every opportunity to grow myself, and in all circumstances, I take time to reflect and discover what I have learned and how I can intentionally use that knowledge and experience to be a better person and in turn to help more people.
In early 2019, I was becoming more and more aware of the limitations I was feeling regarding my ability to support my clients in an innovative and meaningful way while working within a non-profit organization. I felt misunderstood, disconnected, and did not always feel valued. This led to feeling “held back” in some ways from offering my clients what I do best and what they said they cherished most about me. I also realized that I was trying too hard to fit in and was losing my sense of self. I definitely lost a lot of confidence that year and the joy was seeping out of my efforts.
I had to make a CHOICE. If staying in my full-time job meant needing to “dull my light” then I needed to find a way to shine elsewhere in my life. What could I do that would offer me the opportunity to share my genuine love of being a personal and professional cheerleader with value in innovation, creativity, and the freedom to just be me authentically? The answer was simple, become a Life Coach and run my own business. *Insert the terrifyingly long and daunting list of new skills I knew I needed to learn in order to be an entrepreneur and run my own business* So I started out by researching certification programs and completed my first level of certification in September 2019. The spark was ignited and I knew this was it. My coach said something to me that resonated very deeply, “Sometimes you need to let go of something you love, for something you know you are going to love more.”
Life is about CHOICES. My CHOICE to start my own business is my “why” because I CHOOSE to inspire others to live their best life, to make a difference in our world, and to be happy in the CHOICES they make for themselves.
My vision is that people will be empowered to live their best life as defined by themselves. We will be happier and capable of communicating our needs and feelings in a direct and safe manner. Embracing opportunities to challenge ourselves and break through our fear is a key factor in moving toward the life we deserve, phenomenally.
I’ll also share with you the significance of my business name and branding. One of my favourite poems is ‘Phenomenal Woman’ by Maya Angelou. If you haven’t read it, check it out:…/phenomenal-woman-by-maya-angelou
In my early twenties, this poem inspired me to embrace who I am. It shares that the beauty of walking with confidence in who you are is indeed what makes you phenomenal, what sets you apart from others and the typical stereotypes of what women should look like, act like, etc. As a reminder of this I have, “That’s Me.” tattooed on my wrist (shown in the photo).
Phenomenally You Life Coaching exists to empower women to elevate to the next level and live their best life through coaching, accountability, and support. I offer solutions to get women on the path to making the meaningful changes they are seeking, in order to achieve the phenomenal life they truly deserve.
My core values are integrity, passion, creativity, and love. These values are the foundation of my work supporting people, and in my life.
Words of wisdom and empowerment from me:
The most valuable lesson I’ve learned in 2020 is that it is not selfish to prioritize yourself in your own life. It almost seems absurd to write that, but here’s the thing, I’ve spent my lifetime thus far focusing on helping others both professionally and personally, and often times neglecting or putting aside my own needs or dreams. Slowing down in 2020 allowed me to reconnect with myself in many areas of my life and in doing so, inspired me to stop feeling guilty about spending time and energy on achieving my goals. Interestingly, putting myself at (or near) the top of my priority list has made me braver, happier, and has shown my family what can be accomplished when you follow your passion. The reality is that unless I am present in my own life, I cannot possibly put my best foot forward in supporting anyone else. Our kids have become more independent, have grown remarkably in the area of emotional intelligence and effective communication, and best of all they are so proud of me and the work that I do.
My message of strength and empowerment for other women to start 2021 with a positive mindset is truly connected to exactly what has been achieved in this showcase. We will choose to surround ourselves with people who inspire us, motivate us to be the best version of ourselves, and to value the gifts that we bring to the world. We rise by lifting others.
We do not need to dim our light, sometimes we just need to adjust where we are aiming that light. Trust me, the right people will walk into your light just when they need it the most.
Wow! This showcase has far exceeded anything I could have ever imagined! I want to thank all of you for being featured in the showcase, submitting nominations, and for reading these incredible stories. I am in awe of your courage, grace, and passion in celebrating each other. My heart is happy, and my soul is rich with inspiration. I believe that our goal of starting 2021 off in a positive way has been achieved. Let’s keep this going through our community of empowerment! Perhaps this showcase should become an annual event to start each new year on a high note…what do you think?